First Timers

If you’re new to running, looking to transition from walking or just complete your first 5k race, this program is for you. Dave’s Coaches will get you from the couch to 5k finish line with a detailed 8 week plan that gradually builds you from walking to running.

Weekend Warriors

For those who have experience with running a 5k, but have dreams of running faster and want help on how to achieve it, this Dave’s program will build upon your base. Our Coaches will motivate you within a detailed training program and fun atmosphere.

Serious Runners

Do you dream of running a Gold Standard, sub-20 minute 5k, or qualifying for Boston? This program will push and encourage you to your fastest pace yet, while having a lot of fun getting there. We’ll put you in the appropriate group to get you to the finish line with your new goal.



Dave's Running

Dave's Running Shop was the first running store in Ohio and has been serving the public since 1973. — Sylvania, Perrysburg, Findlay, Delta

  •  Multiple Programs Annually
  •  Expert Staff
  •  Dedicated Coaches
  •  Groups for All Skill Levels
  •  Weekly Instructional Communication
  •  Custom Apparel
  •  Product Coupons
  •  Access to Licensed Physical Therapists
  •  Bonus Run Groups
  •  Goal Races
  •  + More

Dave’s Training Programs are a great way to connect with other athletes and train with runners of all ages, experience levels and abilities. Whether you’ve been running for a long time or you’re just starting out, let Dave’s help you make your next race your fastest and most rewarding.

Bob Masters, Director of Training


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