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Good Form Running

Good Form Running (GFR) is a technique focused on simplicity to help you get faster, go farther and feel better while reducing the risk of injury. You’ll learn the four basics of Good Form Running: posture, foot strike, cadence and lean — plus practical drills to help you perfect your own form.

Shoe Fitting

We’ll listen carefully to your fitness goals, interests and take into consideration any aches and pains. We’ll measure your feet, assess your foot type and evaluate your gait cycle. Our fit specialists will combine this information with superior training and experience to find the perfect shoes for your unique feet.

Staff Access

We love what we do, because we do what we love. The Dave's training staff and coaches genuinely enjoy talking about running and helping others get faster, go farther and feel better. We're accessible online and in person, and will always do our best to share knowledge and guidance that will help you reach your goals.